In an attempt to expand its user interface and enhance the ownership experience for its customers, Tesla has newly added Apple Shortcuts to its iOS Smartphone App. Known for implementing regular updates to its app providing an array of features such as Supercharger availability and navigation settings, Tesla has now taken its automation to another level, giving its owners an edge of convenience in using its electric vehicles. Apple Shortcuts’ integration into Tesla’s app is significant, enabling iPhone and iPad users to execute specific device tasks effectively and efficiently.

Apple Shortcuts: Automation at its Best

Offering limitless possibilities, Apple introduced their ‘Shortcuts’ feature with iOS 12 back in 2018. This feature has been a game-changer, providing the ability to create macros for executing precise tasks on the devices. A practical instance of the use of the Shortcuts feature can be seen in the action of automatically turning on the “Low Power Mode” when a device’s battery hits the 30 percent level.

Tesla’s Utilization of Apple Shortcuts

This action of integrating Apple Shortcuts onto their iOS app has been a strategic move from Tesla. As per the reports of Tesla App Updates (iOS), the automaker has enabled Apple shortcuts’ extension to functions like Climate Control, Entertainment, and also humorous commands categorized under “Just for Fun”. This would range upon activities such as “Flash Lights,” “Honk Horn,” “Open Frunk,” and several others.

This exciting add-on to the new 4.24.0 Tesla App update has officially been made available on the App store. As explained, users can easily “Access their vehicle controls and climate from the Apple Shortcuts app.”

The Convenience of Automation in Tesla

The addition of Shortcuts quite literally opens doors for Tesla users, making their ownership even more comfortable. Picture a situation where you are not in range of your car as you walk into a grocery store, but automation is at your rescue to lock your car. Similarly, when you return home with groceries, the desired shortcut could pop your trunk or frunk automatically to aid in the effortless unloading of your purchases.


The integration of Apple Shortcuts into the Tesla app is indeed a game-changer, making a significant mark on the tech industry. This enhancement is not just about the novelty of convenience that it brings to the table but signifies Tesla’s ingenious ability to absorb and integrate external advancements into their framework. This creates a fascinating potential for amplified automation, pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in the ease of controlling and navigating Tesla’s electric vehicles. In essence, these integrated Apple Shortcuts have enriched Tesla’s user experience, setting high expectations for what is yet to emerge in the future.

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